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Surface, furniture, and floor protectors for all environments

We invented the first peel and stick heavy duty felt pads

Nearly 40 years ago, Richard Bushey was remodeling a turn of the century schoolhouse with original pine floors and realized that the scrapes and scratches on the floors were caused by the constant movement of chairs and desks. His solution? The first peel and stick heavy duty felt pads to place under furniture legs. They help prevent scratches, gouges, and dents and reduce the stress on furniture joints caused by movement.

Expanding line of floor protection products

Richard Bushey began manufacturing felt pads in 1981, and Expanded Technologies was founded in 1987. Bushey has continued to invent ingenious ways to prevent damage to floors and furniture, and today the company offers a wide variety of floor protectors. He holds many patents for surface protection innovations, and Expanded Technologies is one of the top three companies in the U.S. for these products.

Floor protection for all environments

Expanded Technologies felt pads and other floor protectors are helpful in any environment: homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, and more. Our products help reduce maintenance costs significantly by minimizing damage and wear caused by furniture.