We offer a variety of sliders for all types of furniture and flooring, including carpet, ceramic tile, and concrete.
Protect carpet from snagging and tearing and hard floors from scratches, gouges, and other types of damage,
all while moving chairs and tables easily across the floor. We have furniture sliders for both commercial and
residential applications and clear options that blend seamlessly into chair and table legs.

Our furniture sliders

Clear Sleeve™ Sliders

A transparent sleeve that securely forms to furniture legs to protect carpet.


Protection for carpet and hard floors that makes furniture easier to move.


Peel and stick back products that help slide furniture with minimal stress on joints.

Slip-Over® Sliders
Slip-Over® Sliders

A polymer disc bottom and vinyl sleevelet that encases your existing glide.

Clear Carpet Sliders

Transparent polymer discs that prevent carpet tearing when moving furniture.


Protection for floors and furniture joints in rugged, heavy use environments.

Slip-On® Furniture Sliders

A sleeve that slips on round or square legs and stays secure without adhesive.

Wrap-Around™ Sliders

Floor protectors that prevent damage caused by sled base furniture.

Furniture Sliders

Easy to apply polymer discs that reduce the effort needed to move furniture.