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Floor Protectors for Every Type of Furniture and Flooring

Keep Floors Looking Like New and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Expanded Technologies has been manufacturing floor protection products for over 40 years, and we have continuously improved the materials and designs. We have floor protectors for any floor type and any furniture style.

Explore Which Product Is Best for You

Our finder tool helps you match the right product with your furniture.

Our Most Popular Floor Protectors

Heavy Duty Felt Pads

Prevent scratches on wood and vinyl flooring


Move furniture easily across carpets

Wood legs

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Metal legs

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Metal legs with swivel glides

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Sled base chairs

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Wood legs in unique shapes

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Chairs with wheels

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Our Specialty Products

For Doors

Gripper® Doorstops

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Door wedges

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VersaPull™ hands free door opener

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Door bumpers & wall plates

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For Floors


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For Boats


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OEM and custom products

We developed mats for a boat manufacturer to improve comfort and safety.

How to measure legs

Print out our custom measuring tool to determine what is the right size to order.

Shaw Flooring retailers

Our floor protection products are sold by Shaw Flooring retailers.