Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors prevent floor damage normally caused by moving furniture. The transparent, flexible sleeve securely forms to the size and shape of chair or table legs, eliminating the need for adhesive. The cushioned felt tip lasts longer than standard floor protectors and felt pads, dampens noise, and distributes weight evenly for better furniture wear. Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors are transparent to blend in with most furniture and versatile to fit multiple sizes and shapes of furniture legs.

Use Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors to
  • Protect floor surfaces from scratches and rust stains
  • Distribute weight evenly to increase furniture longevity
  • Reduce noise associated with moving furniture
Recommended for

Preventing floor damage on all hard surfaces.

    Round legs

    For round furniture legs, measure the circumference by wrapping a string or cloth measuring tape around the circle base of the leg. Enter that number into the calculator below to see what size floor protection to order.

    Circumference: in

      Square legs

      Measure the length and the width of the square furniture leg using a cloth tape measure or piece of string. Enter both of those numbers into the calculator below to see what size floor protection to order.

      Length: in

      Width: in

      Size, Inches 16 pack Price 100 pack Price
      ½ – 5/8 CS1-16pc $11.11 CS1-B $62.46
      5/8 – ¾ CS2-16pc $13.40 CS2-B $74.98
      7/8 – 1-1/16 CS3-16pc $16.64 CS3-B $93.27
      1-1/8 – 1¼ CS4-16pc $18.55 CS4-B $104.33
      1½ – 1-5/8 CS5-16pc $25.38 CS5-B $142.78
      1-5/8 – 1¾ CS6-16pc $26.69 CS6-B $149.99
      1-7/8 – 2 CS7-16pc $36.58 CS7-B $190.54
      2 – 2-1/8 CS8-16pc $39.12 CS8-B $203.83
      2-1/8 – 2-¼ CS9-16pc $41.91 CS9-B $218.03
      2-¼ – 2-3/8 CS10-16pc $45.52 CS10-B $237.01