Wrap-Around®Floor Savers®for cantilever chairs prevent damage and noise caused by chairs with cantilever bases. Designed with two types of pads, one for the toe and one for the heel, they protect floors from the entire base. Wrap-Around®Floor Savers®for cantilever chairs are easy to apply and feature a high quality vinyl wear cushion that evenly distributes weight, causing less wear to the pad and floor, and prolonging the life of the felt.

Use Wrap-Around®Floor Savers®for cantilever chairs to
  • Conform to cantilever glides or rails to achieve a perfect fit
  • Protect floor surfaces from scratches and rust stains
  • Distribute weight evenly to increase furniture longevity
  • Reduce noise associated with moving furniture
Recommended for

Preventing floor damage to hardwood, VCT (vinyl), linoleum, ceramic tile, and sealed concrete.


Shape Size, inches Color 16 pack Price 100 pack Price 1000 pack Price
1 Clear WRAPCL1-16PC $16.88 WRAPCL1-B $95.93 WRAPCL1-1K $872.09
1 Black WRAPBK1-16PC $16.12 WRAPBK1-B $93.36 WRAPBK1-1K $830.56
1 Gray WRAPGY1-16PC $16.12 WRAPGY1-B $93.36 WRAPGY1-1K $830.56
3-1/4 Clear WRAPCL3.25-16PC $23.63 WRAPCL3.25-B $142.81 WRAPCL3.25-1K $1298.10
3-1/4 Black WRAPBK3.25-16PC $22.82 WRAPBK3.25-B $136.01 WRAPBK3.25-1K $1236.29
3-1/4 Gray WRAPGY3.25-16PC $22.82 WRAPGY3.25-B $136.01 WRAPGY3.25-1K $1236.29

*Comes with free installation tool