Polyurethane bumper pads are used on cabinet drawers and doors to prevent noise and absorb impact when they shut. Polyurethane bumper pads can also be used on electronic equipment or cutting boards to stop them from vibrating and moving. Their Acrylic Adhesive will prevent the pads from coming off during use.

Formed felt bumper pads were created to fit on the outer edge of inset doors and drawers. Its design stops the bumper from compressing, increasing durability to prevent noise and absorb impact.

Recommended uses
  • Protect surfaces and prevent items from moving
  • Hold cutting boards firmly in place on all counter surfaces
  • Prevent speakers, electronics and computer equipment from vibrating and moving
Recommended for

Cabinet doors, drawers, picture frames, sliding doors, computers, appliances, office equipment, desktop calculators, door jambs, outer edge of inset doors and drawers

Shape Color Size, Inches 100 pack Price 1000 pack Price
bumper-shape-1 Clear 1/2 x .150 020020 $14.29 020021 $112.97
bumper-shape-2 Clear 1/2 x .125 020002 $14.36 020003 $113.03
bumper-shape-3 Clear 1/2 x 1/2 020005 $13.20 020006 $101.79
bumper-shape-4 White 1/2 x 1/2 020008 $13.20 020022 $101.79
bumper-shape-5 Clear 3/8 x .150 020023 $15.44 020010 $121.98