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We offer a variety of mats to protect a range of surfaces, from indoor and outdoor floors, workbenches and
tables, tool boxes, vehicles, and more. Plus, they grip whatever you place on them, holding tools, nails, screws,
exercise machines, and other objects in place. Perfect for auto repair, workout rooms, wood and machine
shops, and maintenance work areas.


Bench Top Mats

  • Non-slip surface prevents tools from moving
  • Protects surfaces
  • Holds tools, nails and screws in place


  • Work bench tops
  • Wood shops
  • Auto shops
  • Machine shops
  • Repair and maintenance work areas

Tool Box Mats

  • Protects tools and box surface
  • Holds tools in place
  • Prevents tool damage


  • Tool boxes
  • Tool box tops
  • Drawer liners
  • Machine shops
  • Fastener boxes and drawers

Fender Mats

  • Protects work area surfaces
  • Keeps tools and materials in place


  • Auto repair
  • Bath and kitchen repair
  • Work surface for plumbers, electricians and carpenters

Machine Mats

  • Reduces exercise machine noise
  • Protects floors from scratches, gouges, oil, grease and perspiration


  • Treadmills
  • Stationary bikes
  • Rowing machines
  • Free weights
  • Exercise machines
  • Punching bags
Type Shape Material Size, inches Color Stock no.
Bench Top Bench-Top-Shape Non-slip PVC 3/16 x 24 x 36 Black MT8443
Tool Box Tool-Box-Shape Non-slip PVC 3/16 x 16 x 22 Black MT8444
Tool Box Tool-Box-Shape-2 Non-slip PVC 3/16 x 17 x 26 Black MT8445
Tool Box Tool-Box-Shape-3 Non-slip PVC 3/16 x 24 x 36 Black MT8446
Fender Mat Fender-Mat-Shape Non-slip PVC 3/16 x 24 x 36 Red MT8447
Fender Mat Fender-Mat-Shape-2 Non-slip PVC 3/16 x 24 x 36 Black MT8448
Machine Mat Machine-Mat-Shape Non-slip PVC 1/4 x 36 x 48 Black MT8449
Machine Mat Machine-Mat-Shape-2 Non-slip PVC* 1/4 x 36 x 60 Black MT8450
Machine Mat Machine-Mat-Shape-3 Non-slip PVC* 1/4 x 36 x 72 Black MT8451

*High Density PVC

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