Clear Sleeve™ Sliders

A transparent sleeve that securely forms to furniture legs to protect carpet.


Protection for carpet and hard floors that makes furniture easier to move.

Floor Savers®

Simply slide Slip-On® Floor Savers® over chair and table legs to prevent floor damage.

Clear Carpet Sliders

Transparent polymer discs that prevent carpet tearing when moving furniture.

Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors

A transparent, flexible sleeve securely forms to the size and shape of your furniture legs.

Chair Tips

Easily slide our replacement tips over your chair leg.

Slip-On® Furniture Sliders

A sleeve that slips on round or square legs and stays secure without adhesive.

Formed Felt™ Floor Savers®

Reinforced felt material fits securely around furniture and prevents wear and tear.

Furniture Sliders

Easy to apply polymer discs that reduce the effort needed to move furniture.

VersaGlide® Formed Felt

A tap in base makes it easy to install these floor protectors on any wooden furniture leg.