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Jeff Pedersen owns and operates Mitchell Carpets, a 6-year old floor care company located in Kenosha, Wis. The company is an authorized dealer for Shaw products and sells carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring and floor care services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Jeff and Elizabeth Pedersen

Floor Protection Makes Satisfied Customers
Pedersen hates to hear customers complain about scratched floors. When he discovered Expanded Technologies Floor Savers® at a tradeshow in 2012, he thought of pushing floor protection even further by including it any time he sells any type of flooring.

According to Pedersen, it's often the retailer who gets the blame for scratched floors. As a result, he's become more aggressive about selling flooring protection. "It's quite a job to take up planks in a wood floor and replace them, so we just try to prevent it," explains Pedersen.

Expanded Technologies Floor Savers, branded under the Shaw Floors label, have helped Pedersen spread the word about preventive maintenance in floor care, while increasing customer satisfaction and expanding his business.

Same Price, Better Quality
Before working with Expanded Technologies, Pedersen purchased flooring protection at a big box home center and handed them out to customers. Now, he effectively merchandises and sells flooring protection. "The price is the same, but the quality is better," says Pedersen, who believes the Floor Saver products last nearly three times longer than similar products he had been purchasing.

Pedersen builds surface protection products into the total flooring quote. "I'll price them right in with the labor costs, and I'll put them on my installers' trucks. Before they leave, everything that needs a felt tip gets a tip, and there is no chance of scratching," notes Pedersen.

Stocking Up on Floor Protection
In addition, the in-store Shaw displays have worked to increase impulse purchases from customers in the store.

"I did so well with the countertop rack that I ordered the floor rack," adds Pedersen. The floor rack is prominently located in the middle of the showroom and includes Felt Floor Savers®, Strip Floor Savers®, Floor Grippers, Slide-All™ Carpet Savers, Slide-All™ Floor Savers and Clear Sleeve Floor Savers®.

"Some people come in and load up," says Pedersen. "They may be purchasing another product, an area carpet or something, see them and purchase." The biggest sellers are the adhesive felt tip multi-size kits.

Pedersen is adding CasterTire Floor Saver products. "I'm into preventative maintenance," he explains. And why not? It sells.

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